Your Anxiety Is Lying To You!

You are bigger than what makes you anxious.

Come and learn how to conquer your fears.

Surviving a pandemic with a nationwide lockdown in place is terrifying. What makes it worse is the uncertainty that comes with these unprecedented times, and uncertainty often paves way for anxiety. Most people are struggling with the feeling of vulnerability or not being able to support their loved ones. We no longer have the choice of being able to go out for some fresh air, or ordering your favourite comfort food, when life gets ‘too much’.  All of this can lead to a lot of stress. It is important to have proper tools to take hold of this anxiety and deal with it in a helpful manner.


Learn the skills of overcoming and conquering your anxiety* from expert psychotherapists Zohra Master and Yogita Madan.


May 13th 2020


May 13th 2020


6:00pm To 6:30pm