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Inner Planet is happy to introduce supervision services for psychotherapists as well as psychotherapy or counseling students! 

Supervision is a practice in psychotherapy that helps psychotherapists or students of psychotherapy or counseling seek help and guidance from a certified and experienced therapist. This is an ethical practice followed all over the world to help improve the quality of services provided by psychotherapists and counselors. 

You can choose your supervisors from one of our co-founders, Zohra and Yogita! You could check their qualifications here.

Special prices for Students of psychology available. 

Get supervised by our experts!



Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT)

is a school of cognitive therapy pioneered by

Dr. Albert Ellis in 1955. This form of therapy focuses on thoughts and how they affect emotions and behavior. 

Inner Planet’s Ms. Zohra Master is an ingenious REBT psychotherapist and a trained Associate Fellow and Supervisor trained from the Albert Ellis Institute, New York, USA. She also provides Supervision specifically for REBT aspirants.