Have you been sliding invites because you’re too afraid to face a crowd? Does your heart race and your ears go red? Or is it the judgement that haunts you?

Well, here’s an invite you would never want to avoid!

Inner Planet Present Alive- An initiative to spread awareness about mental health in the city, happening for the 2nd time in Nagpur. A huge fraction of the population knowingly/unknowingly is dealing with and irrational self-judgement due to their mental conditions and not much is being done about it. Alive realises the need to guide this fraction seek help.

Like festivals to an extrovert, there is a massive amount of stigma associated with mental health, and Alive aims to diminish this pretentious stigma by enlightening people through a drive along parade 12th October 2018 and an evening filled with interactive sessions and activities 14th October 2018.

With close to 100 volunteers, mainly consisting of college students, coming together to curate this event, it is bound to help crack the stigma revolving around mental health issues, and spreading awareness about the same.

The theme for this year is Stress & Anxiety, which will consist of a lot of activities to not only create awareness, but also suggest ways to deal with these two monsters in breathing in our lives.

Last year’s theme was Depression and it turned out to be a huge success, indicating that an enormous population deals with such problems and seeks help.

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