Research very strongly suggests that online counselling is just as helpful as face-to-face counselling, even though face-to-face counselling seems more convenient in the first glance.

With the continuous increase in need of psychotherapy and the lack of availability of trained psychotherapists in different parts of the country, you might find it difficult to book or to get in touch with a really good therapist in your city. Maybe it’s your job that doesn’t allow you to take the time out. Maybe it is really cumbersome for you to reach the location of a therapist on time. Maybe even if you locate a psychotherapist, you find out that it’s too expensive for you.

Online counselling solves all of these problems. At Inner Planet, we have numerous clients whom we cater to through online or telephonic counselling without losing an iota of efficiency. You don’t have to compromise on your mental health due time constraints or the unavailability of trained psychotherapists. Neither do you have to have to splash a lot of cash as Online counselling is one of the most efficient and cost effective services provided by Inner Planet.

Book an appointment today and let us prove that this article is correct.

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