Life Skills Training

Life gives you lemons, which smell like mangoes, taste like apples, coloured like oranges on the inside, but only shaped like lemons. And you thought life gave you “lemons”.

So when life gives you lemons, why not learn how to make the most of them?

Life Skills Training is Inner Planet’s programme specialized for groups of different ages ranging from 15 to 90 (and above if alive). This module will consist of a number of simple activities that will help you improve your emotional well-being and help you deal with various life situations by managing your anger, dealing with procrastination, overcoming social nervousness and more. These activities are well-crafted and made with a psychological perspective by our internationally trained therapists.


Our Life Skills Training module ranges from 2 to 8 days, for 2 hours per day and our impressive array of Life Skill Trainings gives us an upper edge over other regular skill trainings, and helps us give you an enhanced learning experience about your emotions and discomfort.