Life has its own ups and down, its own twists and turns. Apparently, it seems like Life is a roller coaster and you only get one ride. Hold on to your seat and never click open your seatbelt.


We understand that at times, the ride will get uneasy and uncomfortable. You will have dark times where you might feel lonely, helpless and sometimes even a stranger to yourself. The world might feel slipping away from below your feet and everything you hold on would dissolve. This is nature’s indication that you may need professional help because dealing with this alone can only harm you more.


This is where we are waiting for you. We are there for you. Always. We will help you balance your journey of life. Our internationally trained therapists use REBT and CBT, the world’s most effective therapies to determine and improve mental health. RECBT and very effective therapeutic tools designed by Albert Ellis, one of the most influential psychotherapists in history.



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Research very strongly suggests that online counselling is just as helpful as face-to-face counselling, even though face-to-face counselling seems more convenient at first glance.

With the continuous increase in need of psychotherapy and the lack of availability of trained psychotherapists in different parts of the country, you might find it difficult to book or to get in touch with a really good therapist in your city. Maybe it’s your job that doesn’t allow you to take the time out. Maybe it is really cumbersome for you to reach the location of a therapist on time. Maybe even if you locate a psychotherapist, you find out that it’s too expensive for you.

Online counselling solves all of these problems. At Inner Planet, we have numerous clients whom we cater to through online or telephonic counselling without losing an iota of efficiency. You don’t have to compromise on your mental health due time constraints or the unavailability of trained psychotherapists. Neither do you have to have to splash a lot of cash as Online counselling is one of the most efficient and cost effective services provided by Inner Planet.

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I would never have learned about my weaknesses and strengths if I didn't get connected to Inner Planet. Yogita has made me realize that it’s okay to take care of myself. She has been more than accepting and very patient during the therapy and has always helped me get through every difficulty. Now I can say that I am a better and stronger version of me because of her.


Each session with Yogita Ma’am was devoted to something different, but if I wanted to continue a previous session the following week I could do that. She left those things up to me for the most part and worked her time around making me feel comfortable enough to be an active participant in therapy. She was concerned, though, that I hold myself accountable for my actions. Now that I am aware of some of my unhealthy behaviours that I practiced I learned to change those and not use them as an excuse for poor judgment.


I arrived at my first session depressed, anxious, with a feeling of never being good enough. Going in, I didn’t have many expectations. Being afraid didn’t help either. I never thought I could get better, that I could be “fixed”. Zohra helped me see the brighter side of life. Sessions with her felt like sitting down and chatting with a friendly face. She gently guided me towards looking at life from a new, positive perspective. She has always made me feel comfortable and safe. She’s a good listener and has never judged me. She has always helped me the best she could, even taking me on at a very short notice. The sessions went from being scary to being something I look forward to every week. Therapy has helped me overcome a lot of fears. It has made me hopeful and a more positive person. I am very grateful to Zohra ma’am for all her help and time.