Career Counselling

A perfect career is a job that gives us immense happiness, but at the same time, enough bread to satisfy our bellies. In our journey of life, we our often uncertain with our decisions and their outcomes. An excellent career is made of a blend of three things- Interests, Aptitude and Personality traits. A perfect mix of these three can be found in the most if not successful, the most content individuals in the world. 

Interests are what you enjoy doing,
Aptitude is what you’re good at
Personality traits are qualities that determine what kind of a person you are and what choices you make.

  • 26 research tools- 2 Years Access

  • 3 Psychometric Assessments

  • 1 Counselling Session

  • Mailers on the course or career

  • Questions on Indian and Abroad Colleges

  • College admissions and scholarships advice

  • Understanding personality

  • Reports with three key careers indication




Career Counselling with Inner Planet helped me broaden my perspective about careers.
Now I have a clear idea about what I want to pursue and do in the future


This service has enlightened me about not only different careers that exist but also the various aspects of it.
Counselling made me understand how my personality and interests could be combined to help me decide my career choice.


All my doubts about the uncertainty and the outcomes of career decisions were cleared.
The tests helped me identify my personality and the abilities I possessed which complimented it, and hence, I was able to narrow down choices and make the best career decision for myself.