In today’s generation where Mental Health is being destigmatized daily, yet slowly, an aspiration to become a psychotherapist can fasten the process of normalising Mental Health and together we can battle the darkness of mental health.


If you are a Psychology pursuant or graduate who aspires to become a professional/practicing Psychotherapist in the future, well then, let the real training begin!

With our integrated workshops and internships, obtain Ethical and Authentic training in Psychotherapy in an ambience open to introspection and skill improvement.

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Come, be a part of us?


Sneha Shah

Studying with inner planet has given me an abundant exposure and deep insight about Psychology. Not only did I get to know about the ever increasing scope of this subject but also got a lot of practical experience in the field! Psychology has become 80 times more interesting than what I knew of it!

Saba Jiwani

When it comes to  helping students learn and grow ,many people talk a good game but ZOHRA MASTER and YOGITA MADAN help u make it happen. INNER PLANET has been an amazing experience and a perfect combination of Internship and theoretical learning. It brings out the best in oneself. Very true to its tag line it indeed helps u CONFER,DISCOVER and GROW!!!


Inner Planet has helped me in understanding myself. It has built my confidence. I think one of the greatest things about this firm was the teaching and mentoring techniques which was so fun and learnable. I really felt welcomed and supported. The atmosphere was loving and encouraging. Learning without the anxiety of grading was wonderful. Also, I loved being in such a close proximity with mentors. Inner Planet has helped me by offering continuous support, training and advice. One thing I liked was their dedication to support and develop individual interns. I learned a lot and it was a great experience. This is a great opportunity for students seeking their career in Psychology to understand and develop their personalities as psychologist.