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that you have probably found yourself being stuck in the world seven different ways. Sometimes it’s struggling with relationships, sometimes you cannot find the strength to deal with a difficult life event and sometimes you just yearn to find ways to unleash your innate potential, to be a better version of yourself. All these things have one thing in common; it all begins with thoughts –the big bang to your emotional reactions and behavioural outcomes. That’s where we come in!


Simply put, Inner planet is a mental health firm. We see you for what you are, accept you for whoever you are and dream with you towards what you can become. Most importantly, we help you attain it. Whether it is a seemingly insurmountable mental illness, a treacherous phase of life leading to distress, or a growing determination to rise, we will help you realize it, always.


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Yogita Madan is an indulgent psychotherapist who is highly qualified and trained in Psychology. With a philosophical mind set, she holds an optimistic view of life which may be different from most people. She believes that whenever a person is stuck, it is because of some kind of limitation, and she likes to view these limitations as opportunities to grow into something better. Her empathetic nature enhances her therapy sessions as she has her unique style, but gets versatile with her behaviour when needed, to help her clients get comfortable and share their distress. She acknowledges her differences as well as others, but respects them equally.

Zohra Master is a vivacious professional who is very passionate about Psychology, and this can be seen through her qualifications and work experience. Free thinking by nature, she is accepting of new ways of life in general and has extremely creative ways of dealing with her clients. Her practicing methods are very genuine as she uses a lot of humour- Her sessions feel like regular conversations but are grounded in sound therapeutic structure. She is also a Certified RE-CBT Supervisor from The Albert Ellis Institute.


Yogita Madan

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REBT Psychotherapist

Child Psychotherapist
M.Phil L.D.
University of Mysore
M.A Clinical Psychology


Zohra Master

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REBT Psychotherapist
Associate Fellow and Supervisor
Albert Ellis Institute
New York USA
MA Clinical Psychology

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My therapy sessions with Zohra ma'am have been amazing and outstanding owing to her patience, courtesy, empathy and compassion that make her a caring, sensitive and a professional psychotherapist. She is an excellent communicator and has an astounding sense of humour. I feel privileged to have had therapy sessions with her.

Yukta Admane