Inner Planet is a psychotherapy firm which is focused on helping you improve your mental health. We coach you to let go of emotional baggage that slows you down in reaching your goals of success, efficiency, development or just running towards good old inner peace.

Inner Planet


We will help you balance your journey of life. Our internationally trained therapists use REBT and CBT, the world’s most effective therapies to determine and improve mental health.


Yogita helped me to think straight through many tough situations in my life. She is empathetic, really listens, and has a knack of pointing out the hidden cause of your troubles. The best part about Inner Planet is that I was able to consult my therapist remotely over phone, and hence do not have the location barrier. Inner Planet is very professional, and I would most definitely recommend it for anyone seeking good and reliable services.

Any fellow reader considering opting for the services offered by this enterprise, I hope shall not have to overthink this decision. As a long-time client, I have benefitted enormously from therapy (both online and in person). To say that the services rendered by Inner Planet have helped me sort myself out, would be an elephant-sized missile launched at a dart board. I cannot thank Ms. Zohra enough for her patience and humour. I am forever indebted to Albert Ellis for his contributions to humankind.
It would be a misstatement to say that the process was absolutely flawless - there were slights on both of our parts. However, the very point is that this is a trust-building, human exercise. The slights were just that – slight; I hope on my part, too.
Thank you so much, Inner Planet.